Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mason Gem Show and Waterloo Recreation Area

This past weekend I had my biggest show of the year in terms of size of booth.  Since the Central Michigan club supplies us eight 8 foot tables, and I brought two extra tables -- I had to fill up all 10 of them -- and I did.  I basically brought the museum's gift shop inventory with me.  My car was VERY full.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and purchased something and/or visited.  Thanks also to Steve for the good time on my stop over while driving south (and for starting out my sales by purchasing several things), to Joan for putting me up for a night, and to Marsha who did the same after the show.

It is a lot of work to watch a big booth by yourself.  I did not get a chance to go around the show and take photos, but here are a few from my booth.

After packing away my booth on Sunday night, I headed to my friend's house in Ann Arbor.  Marsha and I went for a hike at Waterloo the next day.  This is a great park with 20,000 acreas and lots of hiking.  The Discovery Center was closed due to staff training.  I was dissapointed since I wanted to talk to them about maybe doing a private lecture/show there.  I'll give them a call instead.

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