Monday, January 3, 2011

Agate Photos

I took Sunday off from my Grand Canyon training. I'm in the process of swapping all three of the bedrooms in my house. The biggest room will now be my art studio. Since I want the second biggest room to be my bedroom, it will require swapping the furniture in all three rooms. What a project, but I need more space to work.

Since I didn't go out yesterday, I decided to dip into some of the new agate book's photos for today's posting. All these photos from Chapter 4 were taken by my partner photographer Tom Shearer.

The first is a Lake Superior tube agate.

The second is a Lake Superior sagenite agate.

The next is a Lake Superior peeler agate.

The fourth is a Lake Superior Carnelian agate. This specimen was found in Grand Marais in the 1930s.

The last is a Brazilian iris agate.


  1. Just came across your blog, and I too collect agates. I collect them from the Bay of Fundy shore in Nova Scotia. If I sent you the photo of one that is typical, could you identify it for me please?

    Thanks you

  2. Sorry about the delay in answering your comment. I would be happy to look at your agate photos. Send them to

  3. These agates are not for sale.