Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Dunes Snowshoe Photos

Here are the remainder of the photos from the dunes snowshoe a couple of days ago. Yesterday we cross country skied, but I didn't take any photos.

Most of the dunes are covered with snow. There are only a few spots where the wind has continuously blown the snow off such as by the Ghost Forest.

We walked through the woods over to the path that connects with the footbridge. This is the "bowl" near the entrance of the dunes. Not that long ago there was no snow here.

The trees in these north woods have different strategies to survive the snow load. Some of the pines are tall and straight with down-sloping branches. This configuration prevents the snow from accumulating.

This grand old birch just has strong branches.

I've shown a few pictures this winter that I took from the footbridge near Sable Falls. As you can see, the ice in the water is now starting to accumulate.

These pine cones were right on the trail.

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