Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sable Dunes Snowshoe From a New Angle

We decided to snowshoe again yesterday and tried to walk along the south side of Sable River from the visitor's center to Sable Lake, but it was too overgrown. We headed down the road a ways, and then up into the dunes along the west side of Sable River. We snowshoed north hugging the forest, which still required going up and down several dunes, all the way to the Ghost Forest. Finally, we snowshoed through the woods to the footbridge by Sable Falls, and back the river trail to the visitor's center.

The sun didn't exactly show full force, but occasionally it tried to peak out.

At least along this section of fairly shallow beach, the icebergs are really starting to mount up. You can see all the pancake ice floating just off shore. Eventually, these ice chunks will help to grow the icebergs even larger.

It was glorious to be in the dunes yesterday, especially since there was little to no wind.

The winter scenes are so beautiful in Grand Marais that you end up paying the most attention to the incredible vistas. However, sometimes you have to notice the intricate smaller details.

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