Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ravine and Beach Snowshoe

Yesterday Wendy and I continued hiking the ravine creek bed that we started walking from west to east the other day. It was tough going with lots of downed trees. We saw a lot of large trees that were snapped off, probably by the same fall storm that broke the trees over by Sable Lake. The creek bed snaked back and forth, but seemed to mostly parallel the lakeshore.

After over an hour of stepping over, under, and around the downed trees, we finally approached and arrived at First Creek, located just west of Woodland Park--which is right in town.

Those of you who have been to first creek probably recognize the "Three Sister Trees." Until we started to explore the woods between Sable River and First Creek, we thought that these trees are big. You can see from yesterday's posting, that there are much bigger trees.

We then headed back west on the beach. Thankfully the wind was mostly at our back. The waves were crashing into the icebergs. It was a thrilling walk, and it was nice to be on the beach. The first picture was taken from just west of First Creek, looking back east.

Here are a couple of shots looking west.

And a couple of shots looking north, showing the collisions between waves and ice.

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