Monday, January 10, 2011

More Beach Snowshoe Photos

Today's photos include the remainder from the snowshoe Wendy and I took the other day. We walked down the ravine to First Creek, and then headed west down the beach, up Sable Falls steps, and back to my car that was parked by the ranger's house where the road is plowed on Grand Marais' end of H58.

The other day I posted a photo of the tee pee that I took from the top of the bluff. Here are a few photos taken from beach level.

The icebergs are starting to form on shore. I hope they keep forming and growing as the winter progresses.

If you visit Grand Marais in the winter, especially later in the winter, it is important to NOT walk on the icebergs. Below are a couple of pictures to document why this can be dangerous. The waves sometimes open up "blow holes" in the ice. Later, these holes can be covered with a thin layer of ice and hidden by snow. Even though it is the beginning of winter, this iceberg is around ten feet tall. If you should happen to fall through one of these blow holes, you could slide down the chute right into the water.

Here are a couple of shots taken at the mouth of Sable River, as well as one showing one of the few spots in Sable Falls that is not ice covered.

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