Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Exploring the U.P. -- Post 1

Thankfully, I have taken a few days off and spent it with my sister, Diana, who is up for her annual visit.  This is the thirteenth year that she has come up to the Upper Peninsula.  This year we decided to explore the southern part of the U.P. including the Escanaba, Gladstone, Rapid River area.  I decided to just take a break so I didn't even post a blog update during the time she was here.  Although the resort we stayed at had internet, our cabin was too far from the modem so we could not get a signal.  That convinced me that I really had to take some time off.

We didn't leave for our excursion until Saturday, so on Friday we explored the Grand Marais area.  I'll post our photos over the next few days.  Between us we took over 500 pictures.  Some of those included in these postings are my photos; some were taken by my sister.

Just in the last week, the fall colors finally started to pop.

One of our first excursions was to First Creek.

The waves were rolling in...

There are lots of berries on the Mountain Ash...

...and lots of pine cones on the conifers.  Some say this indicative of an upcoming tough winter.

We then drove over and explored the Sable Falls area.

For the second time in a week -- down the treacherous bluff.

There is a lot of rock on the beach west of the mouth of Sable River.

Up the steps to the falls...


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