Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exploring the U.P. -- Post 5 and Agate Hunting DVD Progress

Continuing the tour of the southern Upper Peninsula, today I'll include photos from a hike my sister and I took in the Hiawatha National Forest, as well as pictures from the Sand Point lighthouse in Escanaba.

Before I get to the pictures, I'll update everyone on the agate hunting DVD.  Yesterday I solved the final issue that has been stopping progress.  I have a new USB microphone that will not work with the new computer.  I spent five hours trying to get it to work since the built in mic on the computer does not produce a high enough quality sound.  Even the technical support team at the company from which I bought the computer could not figure it out.  After significant research, I found software that was compatible and I am finally able to record narration.  I finished the narration for the first three segments of the DVD and will continue working the next few days. 

Last Sunday morning my sister and I started with a hike on the Haymeadow Falls trail located around ten miles north of US2 in the Hiawatha National Forest.

The footbridge across a branch of the Whitefish River is the half way mark. 

The falls only has a three foot drop, but it was still worth the hike.  The only difficulty on the hike was the sections of boardwalk.  Due to all the rain, the boardwalk was as slippery as an ice skating rink.

Next we drove into Escanaba to see the Sand Point lighthouse.

This huge rudder from a ship that sank more than 100 years ago was on display.

Scenes along the shoreline of Lake Michigan...

There is a cool fountain in the adjoining park...

We stayed at a cabin along Lake Michigan in Gladstone.  This was the view from our back porch.

There were several huge windmills taking advantage of the wind off of Lake Michigan.

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