Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exploring the U.P. -- Post 2

This blog posting will continue with the photos my sister, Diana, and I took while exploring the southern Upper Peninsula last weekend.

While still in the Grand Marais area and after visiting First and Second Creeks, we headed west on H58 and made a quick stop at the overlook on Sable Lake.  As you can see below, the fall colors were at peak.

Then we made a quick stop at the Logslide.  First looking east......

Then west.....

Next we continued west so that we could get to the section of shoreline that allows you to see the full range of sunset all the way to the horizon.  In Grand Marais, at this time of year -- our angle of shoreline does not allow you to see the sun get to the horizon since it is setting farther south.  When we arrived at Hurricane River, we realized that the advancing storm front was going to hide the sunset anyway.  It was still a nice evening.

We spotted something on the horizon, but could not tell for sure what it was.  With my camera zoom, we realized that it was a freighter that was far enough away -- the curvature of the earth did not allow us to see the entire ship.  We could only see the top portion.

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