Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exploring the Beach East of Town -- Post 2

Believe it or not -- we have had snow flurries this morning.  It is 29 degrees outside with a brisk Northwest wind.  I was not emotionally prepared to see more snow.  After all, the flowers are up; there should not be any more snow!

Today I will post the rest of the photos from the beach hike the other night.  We were able to climb up the bluff.  As we walked the bluff, we saw a fishing boat coming our way.

Finally, we found a spot to climb down and back up.

After being gone visiting relatives for a while, Jamey and Lois's dogs (Bear and Nora) were as glad as we were to be down the beach.

The erosion has revealed more black sand.

Possible eagle nest.  We were not sure, but the mass was 3-4 feet high.

We walked east on the beach looking for the stump.  Then I spotted it.

Bear becomes one with the sand.

Jamey being Jamey.

Layers of black sand...

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