Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Agates, Used Lapidary Equipment, and Mineral Art

I had several people come into the museum yesterday with agates.  One woman wanted to remain anonymous, but she found this terrific shadow agate.

She also found this specimen.  At first we thought it might be thompsonite, but I'm thinking now it might be sagenite formation.

I acquired some used lapidary equipment last year.  My first thought was to set up a club or other method for people to access the equipment.  I checked into liability as well as maintenance cost etc. -- and this just would not be workable.  I have no choice but to sell the equipment inexpensively so that other rockhounds can enjoy it.  I researched how much it would cost new and used -- and I am undercutting the typical used price.  Due to the difficulty of shipping big equipment, if you are interested you would have to come by the museum to purchase and pick up the equipment.  All equipment is being sold as is.

First, here is a small trim saw.  The new and typical used price is below -- I'm selling it for $100.
5” Tiny Saw Lapcraft Trim Saw with blade (no hood)

The 8" saw I'm selling for $225.

8” Lortone TSA Trim Saw with blade (no hood)

I'm selling the four-wheel arbor for $250.

Four-wheel Star Diamond polishing/grinding arbor

The flat lap is selling for $300.

Folmes 20 inch vibrating flat lap

I forgot to research the price for this tumbler with two extra bins.  If you are interested, please send me an email to

Here is a large table lamp I finished late last night.


  1. Hi Karen! My name is Meredith and I am from Duluth. I am also an agate lover and have been looking for a trim saw for sometime now. I was doing some research and was super excited to find your site because I am also a big fan of your Agate book that was co-written with Tom, a fellow Duluthian. I also want to say that I love your lampshade!!! I have lots of ideas that would be fun to get your knoweledge and input on. I would be absolutely honored to hear from you and would love to purchase a saw from you if you know of or have any available!

  2. Meredith:
    Thanks for your positive comments. Just for clarification, Tom took the pictures for the book but did not co-write the content. I'll take responsibility for all the research, writing, and layout. If you would like input regarding mineral art, it would be best to do that via regular email. Please contact me at In terms of the trimm saw, it has been sold. Sorry. Take care, Karen Brzys