Monday, July 4, 2011

Night Hike and Shipwreck Photos

Happy July 4th to you all.  As promised I'll include some of the photos taken during the head-lamp hike the other night. A friend and I started at Muskallonge State Park and walked east of Deer Park to catch the North Country Pathway Trail.

From the campground area, we first checked out the sunset.  We left on the hike around 8pm and returned around 1am.  In total we walked around 7 miles -- taking time to also just hang out on the beach and enjoy the peacefulness.

As we walked through the small village of Deer Park, I decided to take a picture of this Americana driveway/residence marker.

On the east side of town, the north country pathway trail resumes.

Those who know me are aware that I am not fond of spiders -- although I appreciate them.  I almost walked right into this huge web with a big spider in the center.  The main part of the web was around 4 feet in diameter.  It was an incredible architectural feat in that the web anchors spanned a space between trees and bushes that was more than 10 feet across.

While I was trying to get a picture, the flash from my camera attracted a huge moth. I think the spider was quite thankful.

After walking east on the trail, we doubled down to the beach to return to the campsite.  For the most part we walked the moonless night just by the light of the stars.  We decided to turn the head lamps off to let our eyes adjust to the small amount of ambient light.  I did occasionally snap off a few flash pictures.

Grand Marais native, Bruce Erickson, saw the posting I had a few weeks ago of the shipwrecks on the beach east of Grand Marais.  He sent me the pictures below that he took last year.  Apparently the sands are now trying to cover the shipwreck. 

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