Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moose Lake Agate Days -- Post 2

Here are the remainder of the Moose Lake photos. I must admit that as a result of the hot temperatures and being busy in my booth, I did not get a chance to take as many photos as I wanted. I'm hearing now about a 13 pound Lake Superior agate that was on display -- and I think was for sale. I wish I had seen and photographed it.

On Friday night of the show many people gather in the parking lot of the AmericInn.  Historically, this is where the dealer-to-dealer action happens.  There were lots of agates....

In addition to Lake Superior agates at the show, there were also fossils, agates from other locations, and minerals for sale.

Dave Hudek from Forest Lake, MN came by my booth to show me this incredible water-washed 1.25 pound Lake Superior agate.  Apparently he was at the shore during a storm with 10-12 foot waves.  He spotted this agate being pushed around by the waves.  As a wave took the agate back down into the lake, he dove into the wave the first time to try to grab the agate.  This is risky since there is a high likelihood of rip tide currents with the big waves.  He missed the agate.  He went back to the shore when he spotted the agate again.  He dove into the wave only to fail to get the agate.  He thought it was gone for good when he spotted the agate a third time and was finally able to retrieve it. 

At the city campground a family from Missouri came by to rendezvous with my friends Gerald and Jill.  They brought out this incredible tie-dyed sheet that the woman used to make and sell.  I think she should get back into the business.


  1. When is the agate show where all the vendors sell gonna be ? Thanks

  2. When is the agate show where all the vendors sell gonna be thanks

  3. The Moose Lake Agate days show already happened. It is always mid-July.