Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Storm Clouds, Sunset, and More

The summer thunderstorms are starting to crank up. Yesterday it was hot with temperatures in the mid 80s. After I closed the museum, I watched the cloud updrafts build. Although he thunder clouds were to the south of Grand Marais and right over head we had blue skies, it was actually raining. The thunderstorms are rolling through again as I'm typing this update.

Here are a couple of cloud photos from last night's storm.

With the high temps and humidity, it was a bit hazy last night, but here is a shot of the coast guard station and inner harbor light -- taken from across the bay.

A flower among the pine.....

A sunset through the haze.....

I'm sure that some visitors to the Gitche Gumee Museum may be wondering why Candace is not working any more this summer.  Here is why.....

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