Friday, July 8, 2011

Grand Marais Bay, agates, and a great Cribbage hand

I finally started the lecture series at the museum a couple of nights ago. I will be available to conduct the power point presentation that makes you think like an agate throughout the summer every night except Sunday, and perhaps next Thursday (July 14th) when I have to leave to drive to the Moose Lake show. While I am in Moose Lake, friend Renee will be working the museum. If you are in Grand Marais and are interested in the agate lecture, please be at the museum a little before 7:00 p.m. The lecture is a fundraiser for the museum, so if you attend I ask that you make a donation that you feel the information is worth. If you make a donation, you get a handout summarizing the information as well as the opportunity to select and keep a rock equal to the value of your donation.

First today I'll finish posting pictures from my walk along the Grand Marais bay the other night.  Another picture of the seagulls that took flight as I walked closer.

I noticed this log on the beach that appears to have an old log mark.  During the logging days the different lumber companies would mark their logs with a unique stamp.  I actually have a Michigan log mark book, which is not organized all that well.  It doesn't show a triple X mark for the U.P., but does show one for the Saginaw area -- the C.H. Plummer Company. 
More sunset photos.....

This one shows a fisherman out on the end of the breakwater.

And now a couple of agate photos.  Here is an agate found by Chris Gognon from Marquette.

Here are a couple found by Steve Hollingshead from Germfask.  The left specimen is a silicified fossil that does have some chalcedony pockets.  It is a pretty good looking owl don't you agree?  The candy striped agate is superb.

I played a game of cribbage with Renee the other night.  This had she had was so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it.  Notice her black pegs in the upper right -- before she took her count.  Notice my red pegs in the bottom left.  Yes -- she skunked me this game.

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