Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dune Hike -- Post 2

Sorry I did not get time to post photos yesterday. I decided to design a deck of playing cards using Lake Superior agate photos. I developed them with the four suits featuring pictures in four categories: specimen, agate structure, agate hunting tips, and agate detail. It will take a few weeks before I receive them back.

Continuing with the pictures from my dune hike on Sunday. As you walk in the dunes, it is easy to get caught in the beauty of the wider landscape views.

However, the detail of the dunes and its vegetation should not be missed. Throughout the dunes, there are also ghost forest remnants of what used to be.

Although you may not expect it, but all summer long there are flowers in the dunes.

And shrubs....

Nothing in the dunes is wasted.  Nature is the best recycler.

Another 100+ year old telegraph pole.

This telegraph pole was rolled by the wind more than 50 paces from its original anchoring wires.

This pole is still upright.

Another nice Lake Superior sunset.

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