Sunday, July 3, 2011

School Forest Hike

Sorry about having a few days without posting. One of the days I returned home from an early morning windy hike and had no power. Thankfully the museum still had power. Friday night I decided to go camping and head-lamp hiking and did not return yesterday morning with enough time to post a blog update. But here I am back on it......

You can certainly tell that it is a holiday weekend. The museum was busier than it has been all year.

In addition to the head-lamp hike Friday night (pictures to come in the next update), I went out first thing in the morning to hike the north country trail in the school forest.

How about if you go along for the hike, starting at the bridge in the school forest, hiking east for about a half mile, and then turning north and north east to the lakeshore.

The beach from the bluff, looking northeast.

The beach looking east....

I love the view of town looking west from around five miles east along the beach. Of course the zoom on my camera helps.

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