Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carlton, MN Agate Hunting

I just arrived back home in Grand Marais last night after driving more than 1,400 miles around the Midwest.  I would first like to thank everyone who entertained and spent time with Jill and I along our travels.  Special thanks go to Terry, Eric, Andy, Doug, Susan, Phil, Dave, Judy, Don, Cindy, and Ray.

The weather throughout the trip was both good and bad.  It could have been a lot worse.  We did not have any warm temperatures.  We had to deal with an ice storm while in Wisconsin.  But for the most part we were between storms, arriving back home to a new eight inches of storm.  Spring certainly has not sprung here in Grand Marais, and is not expected to any time soon.

While driving around Minnesota, Jill and I spotted some gravel piles.  Despite there also being snow, we had to check them out.  Yes, we did find some agates.

While in Minnesota, we stayed in Carlton.  I had to mail an agate window, so we headed into town to the post office.  We also went over to the dam to see what the snow melt was doing for the torrents of water that explodes through the gorge.  The erosion from last year's record floods is still very evident.

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