Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pearl Harbor -- Post 2

We just arrived back from my talk at the Honolulu rock club.  Around 40 people showed up, most of whom said they didn't know much about agates.  So all in all, everything went well.  Barb and Tom drove me the 30 miles to the meeting location.  We ended up in rush hour traffic on the way into Honolulu and even worse construction traffic on the way back.  There are A LOT of people who live in the area without enough highways to handle the traffic.  With military basis, the ocean, and the aged volcano peaks -- it will be difficult to solve the traffic problems.  A big thanks goes out to Barb for doing the driving.

Today I'll finish posting the pictures from the Pearl Harbor memorial.  After completing the audio tour and watching the video tape, everyone loaded up on one of the boats shown below.

Across from the exhibit, an aircraft carrier was tied up.  This vessel is HUGE.
Below you can see the white memorial building as well as the remains of the USS Arizona, which is lying on the bottom of the bay.
The diagram below shows the USS Arizona before and after she sank.
Over 900 people died on the USS Arizona.  The list of names is shown below.
Several years ago salvage crews  recovered the bell from the USS Arizona.
On the grounds is a memorial listing the names of everyone who died that day, not including those on the USS Arizona.
When the Japanese torpedo hit the USS Arizona, it blew the 19,000 pound acrea a few hundred yards.
Most of the ships damaged during the Japanese attack were repaired and raised to be used in the continuing war.
After leaving Pearl Harbor, we made a stop at Leanard's to get some Malasadas.  These Portugese donuts were incredible.
When we arrived back at our hotel, a nice sunset greeted us.

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