Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring melt has started in Grand Marais

First of all, I want to send my thoughts to everyone who has been impacted by the terror attack in Boston.  Unfortunately, this is a scary world in which we live.  There are other countries where these types of attacks happen on a daily basis.  Again on American soil we know how it feels.  I wish there was more we would do as a species to evolve past violence.

I'll take time out from posting the agate crawl photos to update everyone regarding agate hunting potential in Grand Marais.  Yesterday temperatures were in the low 50s for the first time this year.  With the bright sunshine, there was considerable melting.  I decided to head over to the lake shore to see how the ice is doing.  During the last week while I was gone, the shore ice reduced considerably.  In most areas there is still ice hugging the shore, but the waves have carved up and reduced most of the icebergs.

The harbor lighthouse.....

The waves have cut into the ice.  In the photo below the gap is almost reaching the high water mark.
There is still ice on the bay, but it is melting fast.  Within days the ice on the bay will be gone.
Last night we had a terrific sunset.

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