Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sable Lake Snowshoe -- Post 2

Today I will post the rest of the photos from the sunny winter snowshoe we took in the Sable Lake area the other day.

We stopped to sit in the sun and have lunch part way down the Sable Lake shoreline.  It was such a nice day.

Jill was behind the camera for the photo below documenting the three of us organizing lunch.
Lois made these incredible sandwiches with chicken, bacon, and Cole slaw on her homemade oatmeal bread.  Yum.
Jill was back up and ready to continue the adventure.  In the background on the left you can see the Sable Lake overlook.
Shoreline .... nature's art....
What is it? 
...An interesting white fungi on a white birch.
Towes Creek.
Jill and Lois watching Jamey be Jamey.
We didn't think Jamey would get up the embankment with his old Iverson snowshoes.  We had discussed earlier about the advantage of having the claw crampons on our newer version snowshoes.  He was bound and determined that he didn't need them.....but he did need the trees to pull himself up the slope.  It wasn't easy, but Jamey did become the king of the mountain.
Scenes on the way back to the car...

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