Thursday, April 11, 2013

Timeless Timber Reclaimed Ancient Logs

On the way to Minnesota the other day, my friend, Jill, and I were driving through Ashland, WI when Jill spotted the Timeless Timber factory.  She and her husband had been wanting to stop at the factory for the past few years.  We had some extra time before our meeting time in Duluth, so I turned around and we stopped.

Timeless Timber uses premium wood which is milled from logs that sank during the logging boom of the 1800's and early 1900's. These logs were perfectly preserved by the icy temperatures and low oxygen content of the waters of the Great Lakes.

Divers look at the bottom of the Great Lakes and in associated rivers to find sunken logs.  They then attach cables and float the logs to the surface.

Timeless Timber is proud to be an environmentally conscious company. All of the reclaimed wood they mill is ecologically sound, and carries the environmental Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) seal of approval for 100% reclaimed underwater salvaged recycled timber. This means that none of their reclaimed timbers were harvested from current old-growth forests. They currently recover, reclaim and process two million board feet of lumber each year without sawing down one single tree.

Through extensive research and development, Timeless Timber has successfully refined its proprietary drying technology to preserve this treasure for generations to come. The mill is unique because all wood is cut to customers' specifications, such as violin and guitar makers, furniture manufacturers, craftsmen, and artisans. Anyone who appreciates fine quality wood the feel, the texture, the color, the depth that is present in fine antiques, will appreciate the quality of the wood..

They have many types of wood.  Below are just a few.
You can see Jill in the photo below checking out some of the wood in the warehouse.
The company also has a nice gift shop as well as a movie they will play for people who want to learn about the reclamation process.
Some examples of things built with the wood are shown below.
If you are interested in finding out more about this wood, you can contact the company through their web page at , visit them at 2200 East Lake Shore Drive in Ashland, WI, or call them at (715) 685-9663.
We did discuss the possibility of the Gitche Gumee Museum carrying some of their products.  Check with me this summer if you are interested.

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