Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Beach (Sort of)

First of all, I just have to say "Go Blue!"  I really cannot believe that the University of Michigan is going to the final game in the NCAA men's basketball tournament -- but I am happy about it!  I think that Wichita State should also be in the final, but due to some questionable referee calls at the end of the other semi-final game, Louisville will be Michigan's opponent.  Bring them on!

The other day Jill and I went down the beach to see what the conditions are after the storm we had earlier in the week.  The good news for you agate hunters, is that there is some melted ice up the beach that has exposed a limited amount of rock.  There is also rock even farther up the beach left over from last fall's storms.  However, the high water mark is still socked in with ice.  The storm earlier in the week significantly reduced the size of the icebergs, but it will still be a few weeks before there will be good agate hunting.

The light house....
Jill and I were not on the beach for more than two minutes before she did find her first agate of the year.
It is not one to write home about, but it counts.
The crack below represents the approximate location of the high water mark / shoreline.
Cool archway hole in the ice....
Past First Creek there is little to no sand/rock exposed.
Most of the exposed sand is in front of the boardwalk.
As we returned to our vehicle parked at Agate Beach, we noticed these people out on the icebergs.  This is a VERY DANGEROUS thing to do, especially this time of year.  There are holes and cracks in the ice that are often hidden from view -- until it is too late.  In fact, I guess the day before someone had gone through the ice, but was able to get out.  We decided to not go out on the ice to warn them since we didn't want to endanger ourselves.  An hour or so later, I went home to get some work done and Jill returned to the beach.  The couple's car was gone so at least they must have survived OK.

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