Saturday, March 1, 2014

Frozen Lake and Miscellaneous

The last few days I have been ripping out my old carpeting and other floor coverings in preparation of laying new laminate flooring.  This has been quite a project   I decided that since the flooring had been removed, that I should also paint the living room.  Thanks to friend, Renee, for volunteering to help me paint.

I stopped over at Jamey and Lois's house the other day and took a few photos from their deck.  The first picture shows their view of the frozen bay and Lake Superior.  A zoom of the big lake follows.

The snow is collecting on my roof again and cantilevering off....

Ice on one of my windows collected when it was 20 degrees below zero outside.

My rock wall with new light brick red paint....

While out west I collected some petrified wood on BLM land located around 40 miles from the Petrified National Forest.  I only found one "rainbow rock" specimen, shown below.

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