Monday, March 24, 2014

Snow Monster Takes a Dive

When I arrived home last night it was dark outside, so I didn't notice the snow bank on the south side of my house.  I was amazed this morning to find that most of the rest of the snow monster that has been living on my roof -- slid off and took a dive.  The snow bank is now taller than it has been in the dozen years that I have been living in this house.  The windows are around seven feet off the ground and over four feet in height.

Looking from the inside out through my bathroom window.

Looking out my sun porch...

The snow monster bent my electrical conduit pole and also broke a roof vent (not shown).

In places the snow is higher than the roof.

The snow monster still has a foothold on top of the sun porch.

On the east side of the sun porch, the snow is only five feet deep.  Notice, though, that the snow in my yard is also between four and five feet deep.

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