Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winter Wonder Land

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Grand Marais.  I was supposed to go out skiing or snowshoeing, but I tweaked my back and had to resort to driving around town to get a few photos.

The north to northwest winds from the storm blew the ice on Lake Superior back to the south shore.  This picture was taken from the top of the hill on M77 at the intersection with the dirt road that goes straight north before the curve into town.

Except for one small channel of open water.  The next two pictures were taken at the top of the hill going into town.

From the marina parking lot, I took a picture of these snowmobilers that were hanging out on the swimming beach.  I don't think it is legal for them to be down there.

I don't believe that they are driving on the bay, but they are.

The photo below was taken from the parking lot at the end of Coast Guard Point.  The view looks east toward what used to be Lonesome Point.  There is not much of this point left due to erosional forces over the last few decades.

While parked at the end of the point, I took the following picture looking north out of the channel.  Due to the drifted snow, only the top of the lighthouse can be seen.

Ice on the breakwall....

The museum is snowed in.

The snowstorm the other night piled snow up everywhere.

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