Friday, March 7, 2014

Sable RIver Snowshoe

Today was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 20s.  That is warm compared to the colder temperatures that we have had as of late.  That is -- as long as you were out of the wind.  Since the wind was blowing strong from the south, we decided to snowshoe the trail from the Sable Visitor's Center that runs along the Sable River to the foot bridge leading into the dunes.  Friend, Jamey, was busy and couldn't go so it was just Lois and I on this trek.

The snow was three to four feet deep, but others have snowshoed this trail so the going was easier than we expected.  There were some snow clingon clumps, but not as many as we saw on our last snowshoe.


When we first got to the river, we saw some open water.

But the rest of Sable River above the falls was covered in ice.

I have snowshoed across the foot bridge every winter, but I have never seen so much snow piled on the bridge.
Due to the south wind, some of the ice broke off and was pushed north.  Given how frozen that Lake Superior has been, it was nice to see open water.

Icebergs just off shore....


Some of the ice was piled up just off shore by a previous north wind.  Yes, the ice really was blue.  All of the chunks of ice were 10-15 feet in diameter.

Then we headed back through the dunes to the footbridge and retraced the trail back to our car.

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