Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Microscopic Agate Photos

Yesterday I started sorting through all the rocks and minerals I had taken out of my living room prior to replacing the carpeting with laminate flooring.  I grabbed a few and took USB microscopic photos.

First a couple of close ups of the museum founder's carnelian shadow amethyst center filled Lake Superior agate.

The following Lake Superior agate has tube formations as well as dendrites that developed in some of the bands.

I just had to get some pictures of the orbs in Ocean Jasper.

The photo below is a Brazilian moss agate that also has some botryoidal formations.

The water level agate shown below has amazing detail.

Lake Superior agate with very tight banding....

More Ocean Jasper....

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  1. Great photos :)
    My favorite is the water level agate. It's fascinating what you can find in small details ;)