Friday, March 28, 2014

Most Beautiful Snow Storm of the Winter

I woke up this morning to no power, most likely caused by the close to twelve inches of snow we received last night.  Power was not resotred until mid afternoon.  You don't appreciate electricity until you don't have it.

While I was waiting for the power to come back on, I went out and snowshoes around my yard.

The top of the clothes line pole is around seven feet off the ground.  Notice how low the wires are due to snow load.

The east side of my sun porch is not buried, but the snow is deep enough.

South side of my sun porch.

South side of my house.

For the first time since I lived in this house -- the snow is higher than the roof line.

My house is buried on the right.  The front end loader clearing my driveway is in the center of the picture, the other side of the snow bank.

Next I walked around my property.

The snow pile in front of my garage is four or five feet taller than the roof.

Then I snowshoed next door to look at the collapsed roof on the neighbor's barn.

This ancient barn could not hold the snow load.

This bee hive, which is around two feet tall, was formed on the side of the barn.

Back over to my house...

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