Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recent Cassini Mission Images

Yesterday I started laying the laminate flooring.  In the first few rows there were a couple of seams that could have been tighter, but now I am getting better at the technique.  I have around 15 percent of the planks laid.  So far so good.  I must admit though, that it used to be easier getting down and up off the floor -- especially for hours at a time!

So for today's blog posting I decided to check in on the Cassini mission to see what new images that NASA has.  These images are from the web page http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/ .

Splitting the F Ring
February 10, 2014

Saturn's F ring often appears to do things other rings don't. In this Cassini spacecraft image, a strand of ring appears to separate from the core of the ring as if pulled apart by mysterious forces. Some ring scientists believe that this feature may be due to repeated collisions between the F ring and a single small object.

Round and Round
February 3, 2014

Just as Saturn's famous hexagonal shaped jet stream encircles the planet's north pole, the rings encircle the planet, as seen from Cassini's position high above. Around and around everything goes!

Polarized Surge
January 20, 2014

Although it may look to our eyes like other images of the rings, this infrared image of Saturn's rings was taken with a special filter that will only admit light polarized in one direction. Scientists can use these images to learn more about the nature of the particles that make up Saturn's rings. The bright spot in the rings is the "opposition surge" where the Sun-Ring-Spacecraft angle passes through zero degrees. Ring scientists can also use the size and magnitude of this bright spot to learn more about the surface properties of the ring particles.

Vast Ligeia Mare in False Color
May 22, 2013
Ligeia Mare, shown here in a false-color image from NASA's Cassini mission, is the second largest known body of liquid on Saturn's moon Titan. It is filled with liquid hydrocarbons, such as ethane and methane, and is one of the many seas and lakes that bejewel Titan's north polar region. Cassini has yet to observe waves on Ligeia Mare and will look again during other fly bys.

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