Monday, March 31, 2014

More Winter Photos

After laying low all weekend, my strained back is feeling a bit better.  I am hoping to get back out snowshoeing tomorrow.  For today's blog posting, I have a few more photos I took around my yard the other day.

Yesterday the warm temperatures caused the snow pile to condense some.  The next two pictures were taken out of my bathroom window prior to the warm-up.

The wind yesterday knocked most of the snow off the trees.  The picture below I took before the wind kicked up.

I was at first excited when I saw bare ground in my yard.  This spot is due to the front end loader scraping the snow.  The second picture below shows that behind this bare spot -- there is a 12 foot snow bank.

From the bottom of my driveway there is a distant view of the sand dunes.

When I was taking the pictures out the bathroom window, I noticed this spider building a web that was connected to the snow and ice.  I wonder if this spider will make it....

Most of the snow is now off my roof, other than the snow on my sun porch.

The last picture I took of the "pile" before the condensing started.

Here are a couple of pictures I took at sunset.

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