Sunday, November 2, 2014

UofM Homecoming Game

Every three years a group of friends from college gather to attend the University of Michigan homecoming football game and go out to dinner.  This was the year.  Thanks to George Robertson for organizing the event and for my son, Jonathan, for going with me.

Walking to the "Big House."  The UofM football stadium is the third largest stadium in the world with a 109,000 seats.  A stadium in North Korea is the largest with 150,000 seats and one in India with 120,000 seats.

Jonathan, Henry, and Jeff.  Henry travelled to the game from Loas (more than 8,000 miles).  Jeff travelled from Seatle.

We arrived to the stadium a little more than an hour before game time.  With temperatures in the mid 30s and a stiff wind, most people did not get to the stadium until just before kick off.

Jonathan and me....

Jonathan and I walked around the stadium before game time, taking in the sites.  The throngs of people finally started showing up.  Since this is not the best year for Michigan football, not all the seats were full.  However, there were still 103,000 people at the game.  The last time there were fewer than 100,000 attendees was November 8, 1975 that is 252 consecutive games.

Pre-game band performance.....

The game....

Half time....

The alumni band....

With five minutes left, Jonathan and I walked through the stands to the 50 yard line, first row to be up front for the band's post-game performance.

The final score was 34-10.

Here is a picture of some of our group taken in 1975.  I am the blond in the middle.

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