Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

If you go outside in Grand Marais today, you would think it is late May or early April. It is supposed to be 43 degrees today with rain. We've had three warm days in a row, so much of the snow is gone. It is supposed to turn cold again tomorrow. Hopefully, there will be some snow in our future.

Today's posting includes a few more pictures from Pathway Beach, located around five miles east of Grand Marais. But first, a couple of sunset pictures taken from the east side of Grand Marais bay.

Here is another Pathway Beach photo. This line of icebergs is located around ten feet up the beach from the high water mark. Along the entire length of ice there were icicles hanging down.

The jet streak lit up with the setting sun.

I just loved the high clouds.

When I drove through town I snapped a couple of shots of the snowmobile parking areas. One is next to the Dunes and the other is across the street south of Bayshore Market. Ten years ago these two areas would have been packed with machines. Although there have been quite a few snowmobiles in town, the sport is not what it once was.

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