Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sable Falls Snowshoe

Today's pictures are the rest that I took on our snowshoe hike from Sable Visitors' Center to Sable Falls, as well as a few I took while cross country skiing on the national park's trails.

First is a shot of some of the white birches along the ski trail.

I liked this tree knot.

The warm temperatures this last few days has caused the snow to condense some. This is the official measurement gauge on the cross country ski trail. As you can see we only have 8 inches on the level right now.

The ice in the river can sometimes form geometrically interesting designs.

Now the Sable Falls photos. The first was taken from the high dune on the west side of the river, looking back up stream. The others were taken from the path once we crossed an ice bridge and headed back toward Sable Visitors' Center.

This picture was taken on the beach. It shows how the wind blows spray from the waves and coats driftwood.

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