Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving in Baraga

For Thanksgiving I drove over to Baraga, MI, which is located around 170 miles west of Grand Marais at the base of the Keeweenaw. My son and his wife, Kevin and Jericho, flew in from Vermont. Many of Jericho's relatives live in the Baraga area. I am thankful that her relatives allow me to share holiday time. Kevin and I went on a couple of hikes. We drove over to Canyon Falls, located around 10 miles east of Baraga. This is one of the rivers in the western U.P. that looks more like areas that are in the mountainous west, rather than in the U.P. The snow and ice added to the beauty.

Because of the weather forecast, I decided to drive home a day early. Although it was sunny with blue skies in Baraga, as I headed back toward Grand Marais I could see the lake effect clouds. In the picture below they are the fluffy lower clouds.

On one of our hikes along Keeweenaw Bay, we could see lake effect snow coming at us. We felt the wind before the wall of snow hit us.

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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