Friday, December 3, 2010

Log Slide to Au Sable Lighthouse Hike -- Post 1

After many weeks of travel to shows, I finally took time last Sunday to take a long hike with Wendy. In around three inches of snow we walked from the log slide to Au Sable Lighthouse. Normally I would not consider this a long hike. However, the snow made the hike seem a bit longer. In places the snow was a bit deeper, but overall it was like walking in soft sand. It certainly took a few more calories to walk this distance than it does in non-winter weather.

Part way down the trail I snapped off the typical west and east shots.

We had a beautiful sunny day, which was a relief since we have not seen much of the sun lately. The snow also creates more contrast for photography.

Here is a series of shots of the recently renovated Au Sable lighthouse.

My new camera with its terrific zoom allowed me to take this shot of Grand Marais from the lighthouse.


  1. Those houses out by the Big Lake look very exposed. I think I'd rather be tucked away back in the shelter of the village. Quite a perspective, though, Karen--the view of the wind, eh?

  2. They certainly are exposed, but I don't think there are any winter residents on the "big lake" side of coast guard point. The day of the hike the wind was from the south. The zoom on my new camera allowed the long-distance shot.