Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Log Slide to Au Sable Lighthouse Hike -- Post 2

I returned home yesterday afternoon from my LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR! I have to catch up with the photos, so this posting has some more shots from the hike I took with friend Wendy in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. After hiking down the trail to the lighthouse and exploring that area, we headed back east along the beach. I absolutely love that section of beach. The shelves of Jacobesville sandstone capture boulders from the icebergs. The waves then push the boulders across the sandstone to the beach. There is also an accumulation of driftwoods and terrific rocks -- of course.

Here is a shot looking back to the boathouse building at Au Sable Lighthouse.

The boulders are just terrific. I wish I could have some of them in my yard!

All along the shore there was seepage, that was freezing into icicles.

In some places the Jacobesville sandstone encroached up on shore. This photo angle shows the Grand Sable Banks in the background.

This is one of the better driftwood stumps I have seen in a while.

This shot shows Wendy leaning up a "survivor" tree that had a great section hugging shore, with a shipwreck artifact on the beach.

More boulders....

One of the many rock formations on shore.

Those of you who have hiked this trail know about the footbridge, under which you can climb down to the beach. It was great to see green vegetation growing in the creek.


  1. How very beautiful! Your pictures remind me of our last trip up to your part of Michigan.

    I love that part of Michigan and though I live in Holland in the, "mitten," we don't get up there as much as I'd like.

  2. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. need to get back up there! love the u.p.!

  4. In Oct five of us ATVed from Munising to Grand Marais. As a boy I hiked down the Log Slide. On this trip we stopped to show my son the Slide. But he said no way was he going down the slide. Its a beautiful area, thanks for the pictures.