Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recent Custom Mineral Art Products and Agates

Although I have exercised the last couple of days, I didn't take any pictures. I wasn't going to post a blog update, but then I decided to show off some of my recent mineral art. A little bit of marketing never hurts.

First, a customer ordered four matching 15" by 10" agate windows to hang as valances across a series of large windows in her sitting room. She wanted red to be the main accent color.

Actually these next two photos are of two lamps that I currently have for sale. They are table lamps, one with a valance and one with out. For those of you who are familiar with my lamps, notice that I have recently switched over to brass lamp bases

The last custom order I had was for this 15" agate window. I used a lot of agates and other minerals, including slabs from all over the world. Included were a few small slabs of Lake Superior agate.

Finally, here are a series of photos of a tower lamp that I made for a woman in Alpena, MI. I included a large slab of puddingstone from the Alpena area, as well as a slab of Mary Ellen Jasper and other agates.

For you rockhounds who live in the snowbelt region and cannot get out, here are a few shots of polished agates for you to gaze at including Botswana, Brazilian, and Montana Moss.


  1. Karen - your work is absolutely stunning. Do you sell online anywhere?

    1. NO: it is too hard to keep a separate inventory for just online sales. I prefer to make mineral art items on a custom basis. That way I can make you exactly what you need.