Friday, March 9, 2012

Full Moon Pictures

I was not expecting to be able to see the moon last night since it was cloudy most of the day, but we had a bit of clearing for just a couple of hours in time for a good viewing. I drove down to the end of coast guard point to capture some shots of the moon rising over the lake.

Here is a photo taken with a flash of the floating pancake ice in the channel.

There were clouds on the horizon that the moon had to clear before it became totally visible.

Full moon rising.

The above picture is my monthly Photoshoped full moon image.  Although the moon seems large as it rises -- it is not this large.  But it makes for a nice combined image.  The color of the moon, however, is natural.  It was red as it first rose last night.  The moon was visible for around a half hour before the clouds returned.  This month I used a tripod so I was able to get a good image, as you can see below.

More floating ice....

Here are close ups of the lens in the harbor lighthouse.

There were three planets visible last night.  Here is the brightest which I think is Venus.

The last picture I took a couple of days ago of the sunset through the trees on my snowshoe trail.


  1. Great moon pictures. I have so enjoyed all your posts. So glad I discovered your blog.