Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Beach -- Post 2 plus magnified images

Today I'll post the second half of the pictures to update everyone regarding the beach condition.   First this photo shows a pool from the melted shore ice starting to mix with Lake Superior.  The row intersecting the two is like quicksand.  I took one step into the area and sunk down several inches.

Some of the shore ice that has not yet melted....

There are sections of the beach wherein the shore ice dredged rock up onto the beach and/or deposited its rocks upon melting.

The shore ice has a lot of sand mixed in.

And then some has rock mixed in.

There is a lot more rock west of Grand Marais close to Sable River.  Legally you are not supposed to rockhound in the National Park.  I hear there is also a lot of rock on the beach east of Grand Marais, although I have not driven over there to check it out for myself.

The teepee is still standing tall.

Lots of rock...

I heard about USB cameras that you can plug directly into your computer.  I have not spent much time with the camera, that magnifies from 20 to 200, but here are a few of the first shots I took.  The first is a section of a Brazilian agate.

Then I took a couple of shots of a unpolished Ocean Jasper.

Here is a shot of petrified wood.

And a shot of the fabric in the tee shirt I was wearing.


  1. Thanks for the updates Karen. Weather permitting, my neighbor and I will probably come up the 1st or 2nd week in April. Any suggestions for a clean and reasonable place to spend the night? And where do you think would be the best place to look for the agates?

    1. I must admit that I have not seen the rooms in local places as of late. My guess is that the best choices would be Voyager, Sunset, or Hilltop -- but I'm not sure. The best places to look for agates are east of town. Even with spring roads you can get to the area just east of Lake Superior State Forest campground, located around 12 miles east of Grand Marais.