Monday, March 12, 2012

School Forest Ski and Agate Beach

Yesterday friends from Marquette, Jim and Helen, came for a visit. Jimmy doesn't ski so Helen and I headed out into the school forest. Temperatures were amazingly in the mid 50s, but the ski was actually quite good. There was so much moisture that the snow didn't stick and we had a decent glide.

It was absolutely gorgeous without a cloud in the sky -- and NO WIND!  That doesn't happen this time of year very much. In fact it was so warm that we skied with no gloves or jacket.

About an hour into the ski we took a break and carefully sat on this fallen tree.

Here was our view of the woods during the break.

On the way back to the car I captured this shot of the Sucker River.  With temperatures in the 50s all week, the river will be flowing probably in a few days.

Then we headed over to Agate Beach to check out the shore ice.  The mounds have definitely decreased in size over the last few days.  By looking at the sandy beach now, it is hard to believe that I skied it just the other day.

Sunset from my house through the trees....

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