Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grand Sable Dunes Hike

Yesterday temperatures were in the 60s. Today it is going to be even warmer with temperatures expected to be near 80 in the western U.P. When I drove to town to get my mail, I drove around Woodland Park. I forgot my camera but I can report that the shore ice was much diminished. It looks like there are rocks exposed. I would guess that most of the beaches will be open to agate hunting within a few days -- and there certainly are some spots available now.

For my daily exercise, I drove to Sable Lake and hiked the dunes.  There was still a lot of snow in the parking lot, so I parked along the road. 

Sable Lake is still ice covered, but with the warm temperatures the ice will not last long.

Some of the melt patterns in the dunes are just beautiful.

But there is not much snow left in the dunes.  You can hike anywhere.  This is unusual for this time of years.  I know in years past I still had to use snowshoes in April, so the melt is about a month early. 

Last night's sunset had some cool looking clouds.

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