Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunny Winter Beach -- Post 2

Today I'll post the second half of the pictures I took while skiing down the beach a couple of days ago.

After skiing from Coast Guard Point to Second Creek, on my way back I turned around and took a picture of my ski track.

I noticed that there were several sections of the shore ice with "blown out" sections facing the northeast, which is the direction of the waves from the last storm.  Here is one end of one of those more open sections.

Nature's art...

In one area there is a second row of ice that is grounded off shore.  This section used to have higher mounds of ice, but the waves from the storm broke most of it apart.  It will be interesting to watch and see if this second row grows its mounds again.

The lighthouse at the end of the breakwall was very photogenic.  I had a hard time deciding which to select, so I narrowed it down to my favorite images.

In the channel there was a lot of floating pancake ice.

This last shot had a bit of sunset glow.

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