Friday, March 16, 2012

Sable Falls and Dunes Area -- Post 2

Today I will post the second half of the pictures I took when I hiked the Sable area. After hiking in the dunes, I headed back to the falls and walked down the steps to the beach.  With the recent melt down, the flow over the falls is near peak.  There is still some ice on the falls, but it is going fast.

The holes in the ice over the river make for interesting designs.

There is a bit of ice on the steps and boardwalk, but it is easy to maneuver around.

The path below the steps is still very icy.

I didn't try to get over the river.  It is split into two halves and much of the ice looks to be too thin to walk on.

The mouth of the river...

Holes in the ice over the river show the rushing water below.  The holes on the right look like sunglasses.

There are some rocks showing just east of the river's mouth.

The shore ice is melting and dumping the rocks that it dredged up.

Floating ice....

I brought some agates down the beach with me to take shots for the online rockhounding adventure. 

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