Monday, March 19, 2012

Keweenaw Peninsula Trip -- Post 2

While visiting my son and his in-laws yesterday in Baraga, MI, we woke to a beautiful morning. Temperatures at sun rise were in the mid 50s -- more than 30 degrees above normal.

I must admit that I have never before stepped with bare feet into Lake Superior in March. But in order to launch a kayak after breakfast, I had to do just that. At first I didn't think it was too cold, but seconds later I realized that the water was still just a bit above freezing. After all, there was still some shore ice a week ago. But after a few minutes of vigous paddleing my feet warmed up and I just enjoyed the warm air temperatures and the beautiful scenery.

After kayaking we drove up to Houghton, where Kevin and Jericho went to college.  We decided to walk the Nara Nature Trail.

Our first attempt was a boardwalk that is still covered with snow.  It was hard to walk on and somewhat treachurous, so we turned around and found another section of the trail that was safer to walk on.

More water fowl...

Kevin and Jericho...

There were quite a few beaver topple trees.

We tried to visit the newly relocated mineral museum, but it was not open on Sunday.

Then I headed home to get some more work done on my projects.

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  1. Thanks Karen really enjoyed your photos, especially the opening shot..beautiful. Have been to the Two Hearted for the last two summers. Exceptionally warm weather,very warm Lk.Superior and while we were there in August,we picked about 20 lbs of blueberry's. In the placid waters of the great S,we floated flat out on tummies searching for agates. We'll have to look you up next time we're there. Thanks again, Shannon Hall