Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seney Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday I volunteered to drive the 45 miles to Curits to pick up our food coop's order. We have had an active food coop in Grand Marais for two years. It is a great opportunity for us to buy organic food and other items that we cannot purchase in Grand Marais. It was a beautiful day so I decided to cross country ski the Seney Refuge, which is on the way to Curtis. Temperatures were in the upper 30s, but the skiing conditions were better than I expected.

Throughout the refuge, there are dozens of ecosystems.  Here is a sign along the ski trail for the Sugar Maple, Beach, Yellow Birch forest.

But just down the road is a Red Pine Forest.

My favorite trail at the refuge is the Manistique River Run.

I also skied the Smith Farm loop.

Along the trail there is also this old piece of farm equipment.

Here is a shot of the food coop coordinator, Amelia (seated) with her sister and some of their kids.  Amelia organizes our order and makes it easy for us to pick up the goods.  So as a thank you, I gifted her with one of my agate books.  Amelia and her kids are all agate rockhounds.

Here is a shot of all the food coop orders spread out on the tables.  This includes her club as well as Grand Marais's Nature in Abundance Food Coop.

I grabbed this shot of the bay after dropping off our order in Grand Marais.

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