Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter White Out Storm and Local School Play

Yesterday a strong winter storm passed through the Upper Peninsula. Places in the U.P. received over a foot. In Grand Marais we received around five inches, but so far this week we have received eight to ten inches.   I had to go to town to the post office and store and ended up driving through the worst of the storm.  Here is a shot I took when I pulled out of my garage.

Here are a couple of shots of the marina and north side of the bay.

When the snow slowed down in the late afternoon, I decided to snowshoe my property.  Here is a close up shot of the snow coming off the roof of my wood shed.

The snow drift behind my house is starting to pile up.

The trees are beautiful when coated with new snow.

Now that I have human-groomed my trail by snowshoeing, I can ski today.  With the deep snow, it takes two loops around to groom the trail to be ski-compatible.  I must admit that I did something stupid while out on the trail.  Due to the snow, I took my glasses off when they became coated and put them on top of my head.  When I arrived back at my house, I noticed my glasses were gone.  I headed back and snowshoed the 3/4 mile trail to look for them, hoping they would be sitting on top of the snow.  No dice.  I went back to my garage to get a garden implement, choosing a hoe the first time.  Again I walked the trail.  No dice.  Then I decided to try a leaf rake and walked the trail for a third time.  It was like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but finally success!  I actually found my glasses!

Last night the high school in Grand Marais put on a play: The Canterbury Tales.  Congratulations to the kids and all those who helped with the production, especially Dixi McCormick the teacher and play director.  Considering we only have 46 kids in the whole school (K-12), and around 20 in the high school, it is amazing they can put on such a nice play. 

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