Sunday, July 22, 2012

Agate Days -- Post 1

Yesterday was a crazy busy day, but a good one. The gym at Moose Lake where I have my booth was not too hot. In fact, the poor vendors outside absolutely cooked. I sold a lot of Polychrome Jasper, several agate plates, and many agate windows.

Here are a couple of photos of my booth.

The photographer for my latest agate book had a couple of nice agates.  The first is Laguna, Mexican and the second is the biggest and most beautiful Chinese Rain flower Agate.  The latter is at least eight inches across.  It also has an interesting ruin fracture.

Another guy came by the booth with this 2 1/2 pounder.  He found it while deer hunting.  He saw a corner of the rock in a field and kicked at it.  Out popped this cool agate.

Another guy carried in this 60 pound rock for me to look at.  He got it from a geologist friend's family after the geologist passed away.  He thought it was from central America, but several of us think it is more likely from India.  It looks like the dendritic agate from India.  Since the geologist worked all over the world, this is possible.

Here are some of the agates and agate rings I bought that I'll be selling at the museum.

A flower at the campground.

Thanks to Jill and Gerald for letting me use their 4G portable hot spot so I can do these blog updates.  Also, Thanks to Ana De La Santos (owner of the Argentina Condor Agate mine) for a great dinner get together last night. 

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