Saturday, July 14, 2012

Water System Construction and Bay Photos

Yesterday was the best day of the year so far in the Gitche Gumee Museum, at least relative to sales. I think this has happened before just before leaving for the Moose Lake show. I sold several large agate windows. I appreciate the sales since business is down fairly considerably for the first time in the 14 years that I've operated the Gitche Gumee. However, it does put a little more pressure on my already tight schedule since I'll have to make more mineral art for the museum as well as for the two upcoming shows.

Construction on the new water system has begun in Grand Marais. They have started on H58 in the east part of town. It looks like they are ripping up the half of the street that the water main is on and laying new pipe. They are also installing water meters for the first time in Grand Marais. I look forward to the meters for the museum since I am hoping that my water bill will be more fair. The township bills the museum at a commercial rate of well over $50 per month. Because the museum is closed in the winter, I use no water eight months of the year, almost no water two months of the year, and I flush the toilet a time or two a day for two months a year. But I still have to pay the full amount every month. I figure that it works out to costing around $7 per flush. That is outrageous. There is a state supreme court ruling about utility billing that is supported by 300 under-court rulings all of which suggests that our township's water billing practices are not legal. I met with officials who refused to even discuss the matter.  Water meters should make the billing more fair.

Here are a few photos showing the construction.

Here is an updated photo of the new break wall....

This interesting boat was anchored in the bay...

More bay photos...

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