Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interstate Park -- Post 2

Yesterday was a blast.  Jill and I woke early and took a hike.  We went back to get Gerald who had slept in since we knew he would want to see the beauty of the park.

First we walked the Pothole Trail, which is part of Wisconsin's Ice Age Scenic Trail.

This area of Wisconsin does not appear to be in a drought.  There were flowers and other thriving vegetation everywhere.

The trail went through the woods from the campground over to the St. Croix river.

Then we started to see the potholes.  There were lots of them.

This one was around 20 feet deep.

This one was around 15 feet wide.  Apparently, on the MN side of the river there are potholes that are much bigger.

Two guys were repelling down the rock.

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